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Hour meters (VDO Gauges)

We offer and distribute high quality VDO hour meters like Electronic Hour meters (Engine hours counter), VDO Electronic Hour meter, No Minute Hand Hour Meters, Black Bezel Electronic Hour meters, and Vibration type Electronic Hour meters. We are situated in South Africa Johannesburg.

About Hour Meters

An hour meter, also called a time counter, is a device that records elapsed time. They are usually used to measure the runtime of equipment for maintenance purposes.

An hour meter measures total runtime for a machine by accumulating time when it’s energized and storing elapsed time when it’s not energized. They can be motor driven or electronic and are usually more expensive than continuous hour meters.

hour meters are most commonly used for monitoring or metering applications such as monitoring municipal water supply or Life/Maintenance of pumps/motors, and factory equipment.

A continuous hour meter measures total elapsed time from the point the meter was started. They are usually designed to be low cost devices that work for many years of operation and use an electro-mechanical design.

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VDO Hour meter (Electronic)

Hour meters

Suitable for all vehicles and machines
Available with 360° - minute hand sweep or as counters only

VDO Hour meter Gauge (No Minute Hand)

Hour Meters

Suitable for all vehicles and machines
Available with 360° - minute hand sweep or as counters only

VDO Digital Vibration Hour meter

Vibration Hour meters

Digital Vibration Hour Meter Tracks the service life of your engine - oil changes, valve, adjustments, spark plugs, etc… It Has an Easy installation of Digital Vibration Hour Meter - No wiring necessary, simply mount and cut wire at back for operation. No battery required - sealed lithium battery with a lifetime of 5 years. Digital Vibration Hour Meter Works on any vibration engine. Petrol / Diesel / electric. Hour glass symbol appears and flashes on/off to indicate counting time. Automatic Roll over. Digital Vibration Hour Meter Records and displays to 999999.9 hours Hours resolution : 0.1H, 100% epoxy encapsulated casing resists water. Shock, stand fire of 85 Celsius degree Waterproof - IP68 RATED.

VDO Marine Engine hour Meter counter Gauge

Marine Engine hour Meter counters

VDO ViewLine Engine hour Meter counter Black 52mm

Colour: Black
Panel hole diameter: 52 mm - 2 1/16"
Range: 99999.9 hour
Lens: Dual - Anti-Fog
Retail package 1 EHC.

About Hour Meters

Hour meters are invaluable tools for tracking equipment usage, scheduling maintenance, and optimizing asset management in various industries. Whether used in industrial, agricultural, construction, marine, or aviation applications, hour meters play a critical role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of machinery while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Hour meters are devices used to track and display the amount of time that a machine or equipment has been in operation. They are commonly employed in a wide range of applications across various industries to monitor usage, schedule maintenance, and assess the lifespan of equipment. Here's a comprehensive overview of hour meters:

Hour Meters Functionality:

  • Hour meters typically consist of a digital or analog display that shows the cumulative number of hours or tenths of hours that a piece of equipment has been operational.
  • They measure the runtime of equipment based on various factors such as engine or motor activity, electrical usage, or overall machine operation.
  • Hour meters may be integrated directly into equipment as a built-in feature or installed as standalone devices that can be easily retrofitted onto existing machinery.

Types of Hour Meters:

  • Mechanical Hour Meters: Traditional hour meters feature mechanical components and use mechanical gears or springs to measure and display hours of operation.
  • Digital Hour Meters: Modern hour meters utilize digital displays and electronic components to provide accurate time tracking with greater precision and reliability.
  • Wireless Hour Meters: Some hour meters feature wireless connectivity, allowing data to be transmitted remotely to a central monitoring system or mobile device for real-time monitoring and analysis.
  • Programmable Hour Meters: Certain hour meters offer programmable settings, allowing users to set maintenance intervals, reminders, or custom alerts based on hours of operation.

Hour Meter Applications:

  • Industrial Equipment: Hour meters are commonly used in industrial machinery such as generators, compressors, pumps, and manufacturing equipment to monitor usage and schedule maintenance.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural equipment often feature hour meters to track usage for maintenance scheduling and equipment lifespan assessment.
  • Construction Equipment: Hour meters are essential for tracking the runtime of construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, cranes, and bulldozers to ensure timely maintenance and optimize productivity.
  • Marine and Aviation: Hour meters are utilized in boats, ships, aircraft, and other marine and aviation equipment to monitor engine hours and plan maintenance schedules.

Hour Meter Benefits:

  • Maintenance Scheduling: Hour meters help facilitate proactive maintenance by providing accurate data on equipment usage, allowing for timely servicing and component replacement.
  • Cost Management: By tracking equipment runtime, hour meters enable organizations to optimize maintenance schedules, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of machinery, ultimately minimizing repair costs and maximizing productivity.
  • Warranty Compliance: Hour meters provide documentation of equipment usage, which is essential for verifying warranty compliance and resolving disputes with manufacturers or service providers.
  • Asset Management: Hour meters contribute to effective asset management by providing insight into equipment utilization, usage patterns, and overall performance, aiding in decision-making processes related to equipment investments and replacements.

Installation and Integration:

  • Hour meters can be installed directly onto equipment using mounting brackets or adhesive backing, or integrated into control panels or dashboards for seamless operation.
  • Some hour meters offer compatibility with equipment monitoring systems or telematics platforms, allowing for centralized data collection, analysis, and reporting across multiple machines or locations.