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Speedometers (VDO Gauges)

Your single source for high performance custom gauges. We supply custom speedometers, tachometers, boost gauges temperature gauges, pressure gauges, hot rod gauges, and Cobra gauges for all automotive, marine, OEM, and power sports applications.

If you have a unique gauge requirement please contact us. We specialize in gauge distribution and hope to be able to service your needs.

We distribute high quality Speedometer Gauges, from Electronic Speedometers, Digital Speedometers, Electronic GPS Speedometers to Digital GPS Speedometers. We are based in South Africa Johannesburg (Randburg). Please feel free to contact our sales office in need of our products.

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VDO Speedometers (300 km/h)


Diameter : 100 mm
Colour : Black
Lens: clear
Power supply : 12 V
Proven backlight technology, good visible by day and by night
Sensor not included, it is not necessary

VDO Speedometers (200 km/h)


Floodlit illumination. 12V globe included. Field adjustable to suit 500 to 400,000 imp/km by pulse setting or auto- calibration function through LCD readout via reset button. Total Distance 999,999.9 not resettable. Speed display analogue; Odometer And trip distance LC-display trip distance 99,999.9 resettable. Signal source Hall Effect, inductive or blocking oscillator
Sender units. For 24V application use globe 999-065-002 (2 required).
Note: 140mm speedometer impulse Radio programmable (1000-60000 pulses/Km (via software)).

VDO Speedometers (120 km/h)


Colour: Black
Panel hole diameter: 80 mm - 3 1/8"
Range: 0 to 120 Km/h
Operating voltage: 12-24 Volt DC
Retail package 1 Speedometer

BUILT IN GPS Speedometers

GPS Speedometers

Built in GPS for speed (No sensor required)
Built in RPM from sensor or W terminal
12/24 Volt compatible / load dump protection / reverse
Polarity protection Programmable total mileage re-settable trip meter
Programmable over speed alarm built in 100mm or 140mm diameter

GPS Speed Sensor with GPS Antenna

GPS Speed Sensor

GPS Speed Sensor
with GPS Antenna
used as a pick to all electronic speedometers

8 Pulse Inline Speed Sender

Speed Senders

8 Pulse Inline Speed Sender

8 Pulse Inline Speed Sender is used as a pick to all electronic speedometers

Input Voltage. 10-32V DC
Output pulse. 8x Pulses per Revolution (Square wave)
Nut: M22X1.5
Male Thread: M22X1.5
Connection: 3-core lead @ 3M long.

RED = Positive Supply
GREEN = Negative
BLUE = Pulse Output